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The Smart Consumers Guide to Home Buying by Peter A. Schkeeper P.E., Jack P. Friedman Ph.D. and Jack C. Harris, Ph.D.

REVIEW: “I bought my first home in 1963. I have bought and sold homes four times since, so I have gone through the exercise five times. I thought I had a pretty good comprehension of the process, but reading this book tells me that I was probably aware of less than 50% of important details that are not apparent to the average consumer. This book is crammed with ideas, scenarios, guidance, and caveats, some of them expressed in extreme detail. The financial guidance and calculation worksheets alone are worth the price of the book. This book should be in the hands of every homebuyer, including first timers and experienced ones such as I. My next move will likely be to a downsized residence. I will definitely use some of the planning techniques to allow my wife and me to prioritize our true needs.” -Bernard Berson

TV Interview – News 12 NJ “Its You Money”

Interview: The Dave Baum Show - Buying a Home

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“With keen knowledge and insight, Peter Schkeeper has brought together all the elements of shrewd and prudent real estate investment. This is definitely the book for anyone planning to buy a home.” -Home Owner

“Peter Schkeeper and his colleagues know what they are talking about. They say it in a manner that makes complex concepts not only interesting but easy to grasp.” -Attorney

SOX, Risk, and an Engineer on Board: Director Summary: Managing risk is an ongoing responsibility of the board. Assessing risk can be a challenge. The authors aver that engineers have the requisite skill sets, training, and objectivity for problem solving, contingency planning, and overall risk analysis essential for a successful board. Published by the National Association of Corporate Directors.

On The Home Front: The National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers takes a stand for the PE’s role in the inspection of homes and commercial buildings. Published in PE The Magazine for Professional Engineers by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Physical Exam of Aging Buildings: Physical Exam of Aging Buildings: Published by the CIP Report George Mason University, School of Law, Center for Infrastructure Protection.

Quarterly Newsletters

Fourth Quarter 2014

  • Did You Get a Visit from Sandy?
  • Roof Water Runoff Control

First Quarter 2015

  • FEMA to Review Flood Damage Claims
  • Roof Warranties

Second Quarter 2015

  • The Infrastructure Video You Must See
  • How to Access FEM Preliminary Flood Map Data

Fourth Quarter 2015

  • Wind Driven Rain
  • How Good is Code Compliance?