How to Access FEMA Preliminary Flood Map Data

Home Lookup Tool and Publications Now Available
FEMA publishes preliminary flood map information at their website for our region. See it here. Go to the View Flood Hazard Info section and then for a specific home or building you can click on “What is my BFE? Address lookup tool.”

Sometimes that data uses the street location of the house that is different from the actual location of the house or building. Remember that it is the worst case flood zone applicable to any portion of the building that applies to the entire building. That same view flood hazard info section also allows viewing preliminary flood maps and related data. FEMA has numerous free publications that are very helpful when considering upgrading a home located in a flood zone. For example there is FEMA P-259, Engineering Principles and Practices of Retrofitting Floodprone Residential Structures, Third Edition (2012) and FEMA P-804, Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Buildings (2010)