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The Importance of Installation Instructions

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions is one of the easiest ways to void a warranty.   Often in my forensic engineering work, I observe problems that could have been easily avoided had the contractor followed the manufacturer’s instructions.  Problems that are almost always installation problems include: all types of roof coverings; all types of […]

Construction Dispute Resolution

Low Cost, Fast Results Avoid construction disputes with clearly defined work tasks, schedules, quality inspection points, and timely communication to manage the risk of problems.  Misunderstandings and unrealized expectations will fuel disputes unless good communication and contractual procedures for dispute resolution are in place. High-cost settlements may require litigation with expensive legal and expert fees. […]

20 Years of the Rehabilitation Subcode

The adoption of the Rehabilitation Subcode (N.J.A.C. 5:23-6) was published in the New Jersey Register on January 5, 1998.  It was the first comprehensive set of code requirements for existing buildings. It remains a stand-alone subchapter, and it contains all of the technical requirements that apply to a rehabilitation project. Prior to the adoption of […]

When N J Building Permits Are Needed, and Not Needed

When N J Building Permits Are Needed, and Not Needed  When you need permits, you need inspections from the local code enforcement officials.  Ordinary Maintenance does not require permits.  This brief will detail what you need to know. Permit Requirements – Ordinary Maintenance and Minor Work Updated Pursuant to adoption in the March 5, 2018 […]

Renovation or Expansion Project Questions

Are your plans and specifications adequate to assure you will get done what you expect? Do you have a time based plan? Are your design and contractor agreements complete? Do you need a fixed price contract or would a time and material agreement be better? Does this project fit into a master plan for future […]

Mini Pre-Contract Pre-Inspection Checklist

Here is a brief mini inspection checklist to consider before entering a contract to purchase a home or building. Engineering and environmental evaluations are necessary after completing the purchase contract agreement. First impressions are good. Having the ability to review what you saw in the comfort of your home or office is priceless. This mini […]

Wet Basements

Wet basements plague many homes. A wet basement can lead to foundation failure and cause air quality mold problems. This brief will be an introduction to discussing various causes and some of the approaches to monitor and remedy water and moisture entry problems. Sometimes homeowners do not realize that they have a basement water entry […]

Ice Dams

During freezing periods ice damming can cause water entry into the roof system that is normally waterproof from heavy rain even wind driven rain. Ice Damming is when there is ice or frozen snow at the lower edge of the roof preventing melting water from draining.  The ice causes melted water to extend up the […]

Demanding Inspector = Buyer Protection

When purchasing a waterfront home or property located in a FEMA Flood Zone, I require seeing a Flood Elevation Certificate prior to proposing my service. This is necessary to provide a flood risk assessment which is part of my inspection service. It may require more time necessary for due diligence.  (more information regarding FEMA can […]

Inspection of Completed New Construction & Major Reconstruction or Post Disaster Reconstruction

New Construction Home Inspections Require a Licensed Professional Engineer or Architect As a professional engineer experienced with construction defect litigation support I know first-hand how easy it is for new construction to cover up significant material defects. Poorly trained, poorly supervised workers lacking adequately detailed instruction can result in bad work. A nice finish can […]