Commercial and Industrial Building Inspections

You receive Investment Value from the extensive knowledge and experience of this professional Engineer. 

A Professional Engineer (PE) is licensed to design structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and related building systems. Your inspection will be performed by a PE, who has been licensed since 1972. In addition this PE is a Board Certified Building Inspection Engineer, licensed NJ Construction Code Official, has specialty building envelope credentials including EIFS, and is a recognized expert in historic and waterfront structures. 

Our Inspection begins with a review of available drawings and building department records. 

Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing; heating and air conditioning; property conditions (drainage and safety); waterfront structures; EIFS; and client specialized requirements are included. The Schkeeper LLC’s comprehensive check list, for each of the inspection areas, facilitates making all observations. 

Following a review of information available, an initial walk-through is performed. A photographic overview is created with detailed photos of possible physical deficiencies. A review of the walk-through identifies significant and major physical deficiencies that may exist. Completeness of data is determined and preliminary findings and conclusions are developed. 

Additional site visits depend on the size and complexity of the facility and possible physical deficiencies found during the initial visit. This assures completion of all observations and collection of information and confirmation of preliminary findings. Invasive or technically exhaustive studies may be necessary which will be reported in the findings when the visual conditions so indicate. 

The final report includes a discussion and photographic presentation of findings. The report is completed and presented. An oral presentation or follow up phone conversation is part of the Schkeeper LLC service to assure complete communication meeting the client’s needs. 

The inspection includes: structural systems (roof, foundation, exterior, interior); property (site facilities, drainage, traffic flow, parking); electrical system; plumbing system; mechanical systems (HVAC); plus special features such as waterfront structures and EIFS. 

The building inspection is a visual non invasive condition assessment of readily accessible areas of the building and of major systems that are operational and can be safely operated at that time. Client special testing needs may be performed as specified in the agreement. This inspection is not technically exhaustive. ADA compliance certifications, elevator evaluation, sprinkler system testing, opinions of probable cost, and reporting of concealed or hidden defects are not included. As clarified herein the inspection conforms to ASTM E 2018-08 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments.