Commercial and Industrial Building Inspections


Building Inspection Engineering requires a lot of knowledge. Experience is an investment. Schkeeper believes that a licensed professional engineer with 40+ years of diversified problem solving experience is your best assurance for evaluating your largest investment.

Our commercial and industrial building inspection begins with a review of available drawings provided by the client, available via a building owner representative, or at the local Building Department. Schkeeper Inc.’s comprehensive Check List, for each of the inspection areas, facilitates making all observations.


The typical building inspection includes: all Structural systems (roof, foundation, exterior, interior); Property (site facilities, drainage, traffic flow, parking); Electrical system; Plumbing system; Mechanical systems (HVAC); plus special features such as Waterfront Structures, EIFS, or client requirements such as Radon testing, or other engineering inspection or testing needs. Inspections are customized for the facility and to meet the client’s requirements.

At the initial site visit an inspection of key factors is made of the entire facility and its systems. Selected available drawing information is compared with actual conditions. A photographic overview is created with detailed photos of possible problems. A collection of selected measurements is made. A review of the initial site study identifies significant and major problems that may exist. Completeness of data is determined and preliminary findings and conclusions are developed.

Return site visits depend on the size and complexity of the facility and possible problems found during the initial visit. This assures completion of all observations and collection of information and confirmation of preliminary findings. The final report includes a discussion and photographic presentation of findings. The report is completed and presented. An oral presentation or follow up phone conversations are part of the Schkeeper service to assure complete communication meeting the client’s needs.