Demanding Inspector = Buyer Protection

When purchasing a waterfront home or property located in a FEMA Flood Zone, I require seeing a Flood Elevation Certificate prior to proposing my service. This is necessary to provide a flood risk assessment which is part of my inspection service. It may require more time necessary for due diligence.  (more information regarding FEMA can be seen in my other newsletters and in Post Disaster Structural Services section of website)

When purchasing a home of new construction or a recent major renovation, I require a review of the local building department files. It will require more time necessary for due diligence. (see purchasing new construction newsletter)

When clients hear of these requirements they may view me as being difficult.  They are probably right!  However, these requirements are for the protection of any client I am working for. I am a stickler when it comes to providing my clients with as much expertise as possible to help them make an educated decision for their most important investment.