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Construction Problems

Envelope Problems

Building Systems Problems

Consulting Services begin with a review of the described problem along with available documents and records. The initial phase is typically a visual Limited Inspection of the subject issue to understand the problem. Physical observations, photo documentation, and measurements are compiled and analyzed and put into a report. Sometimes invasive evaluations are needed which usually are identified as part of the initial findings. Invasive evaluations would require the building owner to provide the necessary access. Expert testimony is available when needed.

Litigation support work has ranged from testifying before the United States International Trade Commission and US Federal Court on a Trade Dress issue to home inspection litigation with a focus on construction defect issues and post disaster evaluations.  Litigation support has been for both plaintiffs and defendants. Construction defects include building envelope failure with water entry damage, structural and major system failure, faulty workmanship, and unreasonable consumer expectations.  Expertise includes exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) and waterfront structures. Building codes and home improvement consumer fraud has been part of many cases.  Peter’s broad experience has often been helpful to attorneys developing strategy.

Additional assistance may be appropriate, depending on the project, including review of potential contractors and proposed work specifications, and progress reviews of work done.