Management Consulting

When business is good it’s time to plan for when things go wrong. A mind free of worry and a body well rested can deal with concepts of adversity.

“One must be a dreamer to think of the destination, a planner to map out a path, and a drummer to set the marching time.” -John Heron

No one can plan for you, but there are times when objective creativity provided by a consultant, or advisory board can be very helpful. Some of the key factors are obvious such as Financial, Marketing, People, and Facilities. What can be overlooked is the importance of Creativity, Psychological Conditioning, Discipline, and Rehearsals/Training.

In this increasingly fast-changing world, innovations threaten all kinds of business. Anticipating the threats is important. How will people react in adversity? How do we develop the discipline to follow a plan? Athletes, musicians and actors rehearse. Why not businesses?

Planning for disaster—large or small—will increase your confidence to pursue your business development and growth plans more aggressively.

We function as the catalyst that increases the effectiveness of planning. We can also provide assessments and investigative engineering services. Peter Schkeeper brings executive experience with engineering, manufacturing, construction, and quality expertise. He also has Advisory Board and public company Lead Independent Director experience.