Post-Disaster Structural Assessment

Natural disasters, structural failures and accidental damage are chaotic times when a calm, objective, and independent structural assessment is necessary. Our post-disaster structural assessment can determine the nature of problems and what will be required for the building to become structurally safe for use. Often our professional engineering opinion is needed to confirm that a problem does not exist.

We begin with an understanding of our clients objectives. Before entering any building, preliminary observations are made of the site conditions and the exterior of the building. Depending upon the nature of problems, our more than 40 years of experience and expertise will guide our investigation. Physical observations, photo documentation, and measurements are complied and analyzed and put into a preliminary report. When invasive evaluations are needed they are identified as part of the initial findings.

Our services are diagnostic and our product is a professional engineering opinion that is not influenced by any desire to obtain design services or construction work which avoids the potential for a conflict of interest.

Additional assistance may be appropriate, depending on the project, including review of potential contractors and proposed work specifications, and progress reviews of work done.

FEMA has guides available that are extremely helpful for home and building owners.  Here are three guides that can be downloaded.  Simply click on the cover to visit the download page of the FEMA website.

Retrofitting Floodprone Residential Structures

Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Buildings

Home Builder’s Guide: Coastal Construction

Here is a link to the FEMA Coastal Analysis and Mapping:

Base Flood Elevation Data

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Advisory #7

Sandy Recovery Advisory 7