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Older and historic homes offer charm and value not often found in modern houses. Unless nature has caused irreparable damage, homes built by man can be repaired by man. Age and lack of maintenance exposes a home to potential problems that will be important for the buyer to understand. This video will provide guidance and tips to help you plan your purchase with confidence that you are prepared to deal with age related problems.

First Time Home buyers and Experienced Home Buyers. This video will outline how you can perform a pre-purchase inspection like a professional home inspector before entering into a contract. And when you will need a structural engineering evaluation for typical structural issues to help you determine if you can reach a satisfactory deal. Homes built by man can be repaired by man unless there is a problem caused by nature such as sliding down a hill or being absorbed by the ocean or sinking into a hole

This video is for home owners and home buyers. Water entry is one of, if not, the largest cause of building problems. This video will help you to understand how you can evaluate the six most common sources of water entry that causes building damage and health problems. You will learn when you can take corrective action and when you will need professional help. 01:35 Rain Water 05:14 Surface Water 11:58 Ground Water 15:38 Condensation Water 23:36 Building Leaks 32:59 Plumbing Leaks